Working Papers

Below is a summary of current working papers by UCF faculty related to the field of real estate.

2015 Working Papers

pdf-icon 1501
“Using Eminent Domain for Economic Development: Does it Increase Private Sector Employment?”
Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Robert F. Salvino & Michael T. Tasto

pdf-icon 1502
“Testing for the “Afternoon Effect” and Other Price Anomalies in Real Estate Markets,”
Henry J. Munneke, Joseph T. L. Ooi, C. F. Sirmans & Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 1503
“Uninformed House Buyers and Foreclosures,”
Geoffrey K. Turnbull & Arno J. van der Vlist

pdf-icon 1504
“Outsourcing Services: Theory and Evidence from the Real Estate Development Industry,”
Henry J. Munneke, Joseph T. L. Ooi, C. F. Sirmans & Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 1505
“Sex and Selling: Agent Gender and Bargaining Power in the Housing Market,”
Duong T. Pham, Geoffrey K. Turnbull & Bennie D. Waller

pdf-icon 1506
“Clawback Provisions in Real Estate Investment Trusts”
George D. Cashman, David M. Harrison, and Christine A. Panasian

pdf-icon 1507
“Concentration in US Mortgage Loans and the Impact of the Great Recession”
Hany Guirguis, Joshua A. Harris, and Glenn Mueller

2013 Working Papers

pdf-icon 2013-01 Social Interaction and Urban Location
Author(s): Zackary B. Hawley , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2013-02 Client Externality Effects of Agents Selling Their Own Properties
Author(s): Xun Bian , Bennie Waller , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2013-03 How Many Listings are too Many? Agent Listing Inventory and Sales Performance
Author(s): Xun Bian , Bennie Waller , Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Scott A. Wentland

pdf-icon 2013-04 Foreclosure & Spillovers:Externality or Supply Effect?
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Arno J. van der Vlist

2012 Working Papers

pdf-icon 2012-01 Real Estate Agents, House Prices, and Liquidity*
Author(s): Henry J. Munneke , Joseph T.L. Ooi , C.F. Sirmans , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2012-02 Seller Over-Pricing and Listing Contract Length: The Effects of Endogenous Contracts on Housing Markets*
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Ray Brastow , Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Bennie Waller

2011 Working Papers

pdf-icon 2011-01 Focus or Generalize: Real Estate Agent Effort Allocation and Compensation
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Hany Guirguis , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2011-02 Drive ‘Til You Qualify: Credit Quality and Household Location
Author(s): Andrew Hanson , Kurt Schnier , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2011-03 Housing Regulation, Externalities, and Residential Property Prices*
Author(s): Henry J. Munneke , C.F. Sirmans , Barrett A. Slade , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2011-04 Homevoters, Contagion Effects, and Revealed Preference*
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Mary Beth Walker

pdf-icon 2011-05 Property Rights and Urban Development: Initial Title Quality Matters Even When it No Longer Matters*
Author(s): Ignacio A. Navarro , Geoffrey K. Turnbull

pdf-icon 2011-06 Housing Market Microstructure: What Is a Competing House?
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Velma Zahirovic-Herbert

pdf-icon 2011-07 Flooding and Liquidity on the Bayou: The Capitalization of Flood Risk into House Value and Ease-of-Sale
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Velma Zahirovic-Herbert , Chris Mothorpe

pdf-icon 2011-08 REITs in Volatile Times: Stabilizing or Not?
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Nico Rottke , Bing Zhu , Joachim Zietz

pdf-icon 2011-09 Why Do REIT Mergers Take Place? Evidence from Synergistic Forecasts
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Henrik Medla , Nico Rottke , Dirk Schiereck