How to Write a Research Paper

A research paper is a specific type of academic writing, which
presupposes several key elements, including analysis, interpretation, and
research. Similar to other types of academic essays, research papers require a
high level of writing skills and an ability to find relevant sources of information,
investigate them, and make proper conclusions.
If you are a college student, you are aware of this type of work, as you will have to accomplish it at least once during your studies. Writing a quality paper may be an ultimately challenging task, but there is no way you order essay writing and succeed. Instead, with the maximum effort, concentration, and practice, you will be able to create the most sophisticated and scholarly research paper ever. Follow the guidelines and gain the desired results.

Learn the Task

Despite this step may seem too obvious for some students, others get confused right away. The first and most important task is to acknowledge the task your teacher gives you. Once you are aware of the assignments and its requirements, you are ready to start working on it.
Begin with the instructions and try to follow them throughout the paper. Learn the prompts you have got, make notes, and ask extra questions about the assignments even before you start the research. Just remember, as you asked: “Who can help me on my math homework?” and had to specify all the details of the task to fulfill. In fact, it works the same way with research papers.

Choose the Topic

Once you have thoroughly learned the assignment, you may proceed to the next stage and select the perfect topic for the paper. Make it sound scholarly but interesting. Do not worry if it is a bit controversial, as it may become a significant benefit. Choosing such topics, you get an unlimited number of opportunities, as you can compare some notions or facts and draw parallels between them.


This is undeniably the most important and time-consuming part of the work, as you will have to find relevant sources of information and research. Keep in mind that you do not have plenty of time to learn every article and book thoroughly. Instead, skimming may be the best way to grasp the main idea and make proper conclusions. Find the most up-to-date and reliable sources of information and learn the similarities and discrepancies between various viewpoints on the same topic.

Make Conclusions

It is inevitable to stay organized and keep all the information you have found managed. Writing a research paper can somehow resemble the time when you do math homework, as you have to stay precise, focused, and attentive to details. Analyze the information you have received and structure it.

Think of a Thesis

When you understand the task and have a clear idea of your topic, you are ready to make a thesis statement. Articulate your point of view and mention some key arguments briefly, in several sentences.

Write Down an Outline

A well-structured and extended outline is halfway to a quality research paper. Specify the main parts of your paper and keep track of your plan. Divide the whole paper into the crucial parts and then fill them with the results of your research.

Work on the Body

Follow your plan, presenting your key arguments, giving information about the opposing views, and making proper conclusions. Do not forget to divide your research paper into paragraphs and meet other requirements of academic writing.