Working Papers

Below is a summary of current working papers by UCF faculty related to the field of real estate.

2015 Working Papers


“Using Eminent Domain for Economic Development: Does it Increase Private Sector Employment?”
Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Robert F. Salvino & Michael T. Tasto



“Testing for the “Afternoon Effect” and Other Price Anomalies in Real Estate Markets,”
Henry J. Munneke, Joseph T. L. Ooi, C. F. Sirmans & Geoffrey K. Turnbull



“Uninformed House Buyers and Foreclosures,”
Geoffrey K. Turnbull & Arno J. van der Vlist



“Outsourcing Services: Theory and Evidence from the Real Estate Development Industry,”
Henry J. Munneke, Joseph T. L. Ooi, C. F. Sirmans & Geoffrey K. Turnbull



“Sex and Selling: Agent Gender and Bargaining Power in the Housing Market,”
Duong T. Pham, Geoffrey K. Turnbull & Bennie D. Waller



“Clawback Provisions in Real Estate Investment Trusts”
George D. Cashman, David M. Harrison, and Christine A. Panasian


“Concentration in US Mortgage Loans and the Impact of the Great Recession”
Hany Guirguis, Joshua A. Harris, and Glenn Mueller

2013 Working Papers


pdf-icon2013-01 Social Interaction and Urban Location
Author(s): Zackary B. Hawley , Geoffrey K. Turnbull




pdf-icon2013-02 Client Externality Effects of Agents Selling Their Own Properties
Author(s): Xun Bian , Bennie Waller , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2013-03 How Many Listings are too Many? Agent Listing Inventory and Sales Performance
Author(s): Xun Bian , Bennie Waller , Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Scott A. Wentland



pdf-icon2013-04 Foreclosure & Spillovers:Externality or Supply Effect?
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Arno J. van der Vlist

2012 Working Papers


pdf-icon2012-01 Real Estate Agents, House Prices, and Liquidity*
Author(s): Henry J. Munneke , Joseph T.L. Ooi , C.F. Sirmans , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2012-02 Seller Over-Pricing and Listing Contract Length: The Effects of Endogenous Contracts on Housing Markets*
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Ray Brastow , Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Bennie Waller


2011 Working Papers


pdf-icon2011-01 Focus or Generalize: Real Estate Agent Effort Allocation and Compensation
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Hany Guirguis , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2011-02 Drive ‘Til You Qualify: Credit Quality and Household Location
Author(s): Andrew Hanson , Kurt Schnier , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2011-03 Housing Regulation, Externalities, and Residential Property Prices*
Author(s): Henry J. Munneke , C.F. Sirmans , Barrett A. Slade , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2011-04 Homevoters, Contagion Effects, and Revealed Preference*
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Mary Beth Walker



pdf-icon2011-05 Property Rights and Urban Development: Initial Title Quality Matters Even When it No Longer Matters*
Author(s): Ignacio A. Navarro , Geoffrey K. Turnbull



pdf-icon2011-06 Housing Market Microstructure: What Is a Competing House?
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Velma Zahirovic-Herbert



pdf-icon2011-07 Flooding and Liquidity on the Bayou: The Capitalization of Flood Risk into House Value and Ease-of-Sale
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Turnbull , Velma Zahirovic-Herbert , Chris Mothorpe


pdf-icon2011-08 REITs in Volatile Times: Stabilizing or Not?
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Nico Rottke , Bing Zhu , Joachim Zietz



pdf-icon2011-09 Why Do REIT Mergers Take Place? Evidence from Synergistic Forecasts
Author(s): Randy I. Anderson , Henrik Medla , Nico Rottke , Dirk Schiereck